is a site devoted to young people, and the adults in their lives. Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a counselor, a friend, a family member, or a teenager yourself, this site is committed to putting honest and inspiring words to the realities of youth, and offering supportive services and materials that can lead to real, healthy change.

Rockman Counseling: As an LMSW with over 20 years of experience providing guidance to children and families, my mission has never wavered… to nurture strengths, to stir reflection, to promote healing, to inspire growth and to connect children to their support systems. My approach to counseling is humanistic and integrative. Through honest, transparent, compassionate and direct dialogue, we will partner as we pursue yours or your child’s goals. We will examine the emotions and underlying forces that fuel decision-making, and we will step forward towards healing, confidence and strengthened relationships.

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It’s my intention, and my hope, that the words and materials  on this site stir thought, bring comfort, and inspire. It’s not easy out there for adults who care about kids, nor is it easy for the kids we care about…  but I know, with absolute certainty, that any relationship can be strengthened, and every struggle can be eased.

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